Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kim Jae Duc Is Back!!

Helloooo everyone! Long time no post sorry for the long absence been pretty busy lately with work but im putting some of my free time just to post my jae duc sshi comeback on the small screen again! Guess what is his first tv show is? Drum roll...

Happy Together!!

And he appear alongside with his camp mate cum old rival which is none other than Tony An!

Most of the time they were talking abt their moment in the camp and stuff etc..and lol at one part where jaeduc check out the transcript haha oh well what can i say he is still the cute and funny kim jaeduc and oh did i mention i just lub his look in here he has grow his hair!!

Here's the link to those who interested to watch it :)

Credits: naver blog &

Monday, August 16, 2010

Congratulations Sergeant Lee Jaejin!!

After all the tussle and hurdle that he had to went through all these years he's finally victoriously been discharged from the army on 10 Aug 2010

Lee Jaejin ssi chukahe~

Hope to see you back on tv along with jaeduc and jiwon oppa =)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Jaeduc Oppa!!!

Okay honestly speaking i nearly forgot about jaedukie birthday if not for some fans posted a birthday wishes for jaeduckie on her blog i wouldn even remember his birthday at all! I know im such a bad fans =( but anyway HAPPY 31/32th BIRTHDAY JAEDUCKIE OPPA~ I really hope you had a wonderful birthday spent with all your love ones and i hope you received alot of loves on your birthday too! Really miss watching him on tv and his singing too oh just FYI i gt news from izzru that suwon state in his cyworld that jaeduc will be appearing on tv soon im really really looking forward to that im hoping to see jaeduc comeback on tv and also his singing too yea~

Sunday, August 1, 2010

He...Ko Jiyong..

Eversince i have read news on the possibility of H.O.T reunions when all the members are out from the army and eventhough it is definitely make me ecstatics upon hearing the news but on the other end of my heart it just sadden me more that i/we jekki fans most probably would not have the chance to see all 6 jekki reunion and one reason that i could only think of is coz of jiyong not that im blaming him tho im just sad and dissappointed that he has left the entertainment industry and decided not to even reconsider of a comeback, to me he is such a talented and smart guy and he has the gift to be belong and infront of fans, cameras and onstage and not forgetting wif his good flower boy look he could still send many girls heart screaming for him..
Take both of this pic for an example eventhough it was taken more than 10 yrs ago but it certainly doesn seem to look like it at all and all thanks to his good look i must say! And oh did i mention i love floppy-haired guy heheh which means that if ever back then i had knew abt sechskies hands down i will definitely choose jiyong over erm jaeduc??

Okay..This is what i have promised to Lisa in her blog, which i believed this could be the most recent pic of him considering how he has shed that boyish look and having the look of a much eligible manager cum bachelor. And if any of you remembered watching the etn news that izzru had posted in her blog early july last year his hair in that paparazzi secret chase had showing jiyong hair look almost similar like the one i posted so yea i took it as this could well be his most recent pic haha..

Anyway i really miss jiyong and i believe so do alot of jekki fans as well if only he would at least once comeback just for a jekki reunion i think most of us will die happy :(

pic credits: jekki naver blog

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Happy Birthday Wishes To Jekki July Babies!!!

To..Ko Jiyong ssi 1st July 1980-1st July 2010.

Happy Belated 30/31 Birthday

The flower boy member of jekki cum the most eligible bachelor, Ko Jiyong..eventhough you no longer in the entertainment industry i really hope that one day we jekki fans could see you stand on one stage together with all the rest of jekki members again. Hope that you have a great and wonderful day spend on ur birthday.

To..Lee Jaejin ssi 13th July 1979-13th July 2010.

Happy 31/32 Birthday

The talented and brain to all the jekki dance choreography, Lee Jaejin..Hope that you will always stay strong and happy always admist all the bad event that has been happening through all the years and may you have a blissful birthday spend with your army mates.

To..Jang Suwon ssi 16th July 1980-16th July 2010

Happy Advance 30/31 Birthday

The cute and quiet baby member of jekki, Jang Suwon..Hope that you will stay healthy and strong during your stay in the army and may you had a significant birthday spend along with your army mates.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Look Who's in the House!

Kim Jaeduc ssi!! Where have you been all this while after your army discharge?? But im so glad to see his pic back on again jaeduc looks so much like a kid in those pic isnt it and especially so with his short hair, he just doesnt look like his 32 yrs age at all!

Credit: egloos and naver blog

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jang Suwon Army Documentary

So here might just be the answer to the pic posted earlier.

And dang suwon definitely doesnt look like his age at all especially now without his beard he still look the same just like during his cute maknae jekki days! and look he was dancing to Couple along with his army mates!! thats sweet, Couple sure is a hot fav song for the jekki members to perform isnt it; jaeduc, jaejin and suwon all gave a performance for this song personally in the army LOL!

Credit: naver blog